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 Specialised Facials 

The Environ  Facial

 Using vitamin serums with a step up system, combining Ultrasound and Galvanic to keep skin healthy and looking beautiful by introducing vital nutrients into the skin. The ultimate rejuvenating facial.                                                                              1 hour   £55

The Deep Cleanse Facial

 Pore cleansing facial to promote a healthy skin. Includes cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions and massage to suit your skin type.                                                                                45 mins £35


Micro-dermabrasion facial with Deep Cleanse

 A very effective deep exfoliation treatment to soften fine lines and smooth your skin by removing superficial dry skin. Includes the full deep cleansing facial.                                                    1 hour £40


The Ultra Bright Facial

 Illuminate and brighten dull skin to get  back your natural glow.
Professional resurfacing, smooths and softens the skin using fruit enzymes and Hyaluronic acid serum.

                                                                                          1 hour £40


The Hydrating and Anti ageing collagen Facial

Visible results seen instantly using Radio Frequency waves for improved skin tone by stimulating collagen and elastin which smooths facial lines for a youthful look.                                     40mins £45


Micro Needling Therapy

 Skin needling with dermaroller stimulates collagen production which can effectively benefit a range of issues caused by lack of collagen:

Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, Acne scars and pitted scar reduction,

Pigmentation Marks,  Open Pores,  Stretch marks &  Alopecia.

                                1treatment 30mins £75        Course of 3  £175     


The Back Cleansing treatment

 incl. exfoliate, steaming, extractions &mask.                                                                                                                                      45mins  £40

Skin Peel Facials

Treatment to improve Uneven skin tone, Acne spots, Scarring, Skin blemishes and Open pores. Needs a course of treatments for deep scars.                                                        Level 1 Skin Brightening  £45

                                                                   Level 2 Acne/ Scars            £55

                                                                   Level 3 Deep scars             £65



The 4 Step Eyebrow grooming treatment includes:

Shaping, Trimming, Tinting & finish for the Red Carpet look                                                                                                        30min £15

Eyelash Tinting                                                                          20min £10

Eyebrow Tinting                                                                        10min £6

Eyebrow shape and tint                                                          20min £10

Eyelash Lift                                                                                50min £40

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions (natural look)                     1hr £45



Using either crème wax or  hot wax (extra)

Full leg wax                                                                             45min £20
Full leg inc. bikini line                                                                 1hr £24
Bikini Line                                                                               15min £7
Higher Bikini line                                                                   20min £10/£12
Abdomen half                                                                        10min £6
Abdomen full                                                                         20min £10
3/4 leg wax                                                                             40min £18
Lower or upper back                                                            15min £10
Half leg wax                                                                           30min £15
Full arm                                                                                  30min £15
Half arm wax                                                                         20min £10
Underarm wax                                                                      15min £6
Full face wax excl. eyebrows                                               30min£10
Eyebrows wax                                                                       15min £6
Upper lip wax                                                                        10min £4
Chin wax                                                                                10min £5
Chin & U/lip wax                                                                   20min £8

Sides of Face                                                                          15min £6
Brazilian bikini wax                                                               20min £25

Holywood bikini wax                                                            30min £30

Holywood Hot wax                                                               40min £35



Full chest wax                                                                          30min £25

Full chest with tummy                                                            30min £30
Full Back wax                                                                           30min £25

Full back & upper arms                                                          40min £35



Eyebrows  Microblading                                                 1hr 30m  £150
Eyebrow (scar)                                                                            1hr £75
Eyebrow (part brow)                                                                  1hr £100
Eyeliner (top thin line)                                                               1hr £150
Eyeliner (bottom)                                                                       1hr £150
Eyeliner (top & bottom)                                                   1hr 30m £250
Lip liner                                                                                       1hr £200
Beauty spot                                                                                30m £45
Touch up session (after 2 weeks)                                             1hr £50

Electrolysis-Permanent Hair removal​            Minimum 15min £15

                                                                                                     30m £30

                                                                                                     45m £40

                                                                                                      1hr  £55

Advanced Electrolysis

Thread veins/Spider veins on face/ Milia                               15m £35

Skin Tags, Moles & Warts                                                          30m £55


Consultation & Patch Test: £15 – If you decide to commence with the recommended treatment plan then it will be deducted from your first treatment.

SMALL AREAS:1 treatment
Upper lip Chin Jaw line Forehead Sideburns, Cheeks, Front of neck, Back of neck, Nipple area, Fingers, Toes                                                     £20

MEDIUM AREAS: 1 treatment
Bikini line, Hands (fingers to wrist), Under arms, Feet (toes to ankles), Belly line, Jaw line and Chin, Upper lip and Chin, Front and Back Neck

LARGE AREAS:1 treatment
Male beard, Shoulders, Half back, Half chest, Abdomen, Full bikini, Buttocks, Upper arms, Forearms, Lower legs, Upper legs (£10 extra)




FULL FACE AND NECK: 1 Treatment £50

FULL BACK or CHEST: 1 Treatment £80

FULL ARMS: 1 Treatment £70

FULL LEGS:1 Treatment £85

1 Treatment. £155
EAR CANDLING  THERAPY                                                       30m £25


Face   -

Needle Mesotherapy is when a series of micro-injections, with a unique blend of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals and amino acids, are injected into the mesoderm of the skin. Messengers in the skin stimulate new skin cells. The vitamins provide an anti-deficiency function, the amino acids allow better protein construction and the minerals guarantee the ionic balance of the medium.

This treatment is useful for facial skin rejuvenation and the client will more than likely need more than one treatment performed in an initial series of 2-6 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart, allowing a cumulative effect to occur for the body to slowly produce collagen and elastin over a certain time period.

1 session £95,   3/6 sessions   £255/£450

Face and Neck - 1 session  £125,  6 sessions £550

Face & Neck & Décolletage - 1 session  £150,   6 sessions £650

Hands  - 1 session £95,  3/6 sessions   £255/£450

Head/Hair  -

By using needle mesotherapy we can introduce biologically active substances into the dermis by means of small painless injections. It makes the procedure quite effective. Results of the procedure can be noticed in a much shorter time than with traditional methods.

Since the 1960s this procedure has been gaining popularity among dermatologists treating such skin problems as: thinning hair,  alopecia areata,  nodular prurigo and even psoriasis.

1 session £95,  6 sessions   £450

Body -

The concept of Injection Lipolysis

The procedure of injection lipolysis is an introduction of substances causing disintegration of fat cells and increasing their metabolism into particular parts of the body skin. The aim of the procedure is reduction of fat tissue,  modelling of the body shape. In the place of injection a controlled inflammation occurs, swollen cells break and the fat that is thus released is transported with blood to liver, where it is disintegrated and disposed of. The whole procedure takes approx. 30 minutes, yet the process of fat destruction and disposal lasts for several weeks. 

Small Area - 1 session £150,  3 sessions £405, 6 sessions £750

Areas are Upper arms(triceps), Upper thighs(outer or inner), Mid back folds(below ribs), Inner knees, Double chin, Male gynecomastia, Lipoma(benign fatty tissue tumour), Back of neck, Abdomen, Hips, Buttocks,

Body Large Area (2 small areas) - 1 session £250, 3 sessions £650,

6 sessions £1200